Cocoa and chocolate drinks

  • Country Origin: Italy
IMAGE 1-Biociok – Cardboard can 300g Boisson chocolatée soluble issue de l’agriculture biologique Bebida soluble al cacao de agricultura biológica Biociok is a mix of cane sugar and low-fat chocolate, which makes your breakfast milk tasty and nourishing. It has a very simple formula and contains no flavouring: what’s more, you have all the guarantees of an organic product (raw materials obtained without the use of Genetically Modified Organisms, and without chemical or synthetic pesticides and fertilizers). Biociok is ideal for making breakfast and teatime the tastiest time of day for kids. / IMAGE 2- Sugared cocoa powder – 250g / IMAGE 3- Sugared cocoa powder – 75g / IMAGE 4- Cocoa powder – 250g / IMAGE 5- Cocoa powder – 75g / IMAGE 6- Low-fat Cocoa – 75g / IMAGE 7- Hot Chocolate – 125g With Crastan Hot Chocolate you can prepare a cup of thick, delicious hot chocolate in just 5 minutes: an irresistible pleasure! / IMAGE 8- Barley & cocoa – 180g NEW – The wholesomeness of barley, the taste of cocoa. Combining the natural qualities of barley with the flavour and aroma of cocoa, Crastan has created a drink that the whole family will be sure to appreciate, making your children’s breakfast milk truly irresistible. / IMAGE 9-Ciokofast – cardboard can 500g Ciokofast is a mix of sugars and low-fat cocoa of the best quality to make your breakfast milk tasty and nutritious.