Grated cheese

  • Country Origin: Italy
IMAGE 1- turns its members’ milk into hard or semi-hard matured cheese, such as Leonessa, Grana Padano and Piquant Provolone. In order to be even more versatile and easy to use, you can find them in grated form, dehydrated too. Dehydrated Dehydrated variety: it is perfect for sector. / IMAGE 2- The natural A fine selection of hard cheeses, mixed with the unique taste of Piquant Provolone and Leonessa. IMAGE 3- Grana Padano Our best PDO Grana Padano, maturing period of 11/13 months, grated and packed to help you when cooking and to give a special touch to your recipes! IMAGE 4- Leonessa The best solution to always have your favorite hard cheese: grated, packed and ready yo use.