• Country Origin: Italy
Children : Yoga, the brand of tradition, affection and care focuses on its historical and primary target, children, with Yoga Optimum, a unique recipe (up to 70% fruit) and superior quality for a premium product, in the classic 200 ml Tetra Brik format and in 125 ml glass bottles. Family sector : For the family: classic quality of the Yoga nectars (juice and pulp) and beverages in popular flavours (ACE and Blood Orange) intended for daily consumption in a single, one-litre transparent PET bottle. Young people-adults format ; General health and well-being are now two of the most widespread aspirations. Yoga satisfies these desires by proposing YOGA 100%; the most delicious fruit drink to enjoy in all its natural goodness: this is the successful proposal of the YOGA 100% FRUIT JUICES, a range of products which is ideal for all targets, in which a new kind of quality highlights the intensity of good fruit and the part it plays in a healthy and proper daily diet. A range of 6 unique flavours alongside the great 100% classics, orange and pineapple, the nectars (pear and peach) and the red fruits, proposing a new way of drinking fruit, a “slow fruit” philosophy, where the only flavour is fruit and there is no added sugar. For anyone loving an active and dynamic lifestyle, Yoga offers Tasky, the deliciously thirst quenching juice to be enjoyed anywhere. Its contemporary packaging (lightweight, resealable and unbreakable) makes it totally practical for anyone with a dynamic and active lifestyle. A range of 4 trendy and refreshing flavours, with all the vitality of vitamins. IMAGE 1- Optimum Nectars in 6x125 ml bottles Optimum range, dedicated to fruit lovers. This is why Yoga only chooses fruit picked at the right degree of ripeness, to keep all its flavour and nutritional value intact. The nectars, apricot, peach, pear and apple-banana with a high fruit content (up to 70%) are now available in a new 125 ml bottle with the practical twist-off "open and close" cap. Flavours: Apple-banana Apricot Peach Pear / IMAGE 2- Optimum 200 ml brick pack Optimum range, dedicated to fruit lovers. This is why Yoga only chooses fruit picked at the right degree of ripeness, to keep all its flavour and nutritional value intact. The 200 ml brick packs combine the quality of Optimum with practical packaging and are ideal for individual consumption away from home. The practical format of the 200 ml brick packs makes them particularly suitable for children. 3-pack: ACE Apple and Banana Apricot Blood orange Peach Pear 6-pack: ACE Apple and Banana Apricot Blood orange Peach Pear / IMAGE 3- 1000 ml PET bottle The image of the Yoga classic flavours is redesigned in a new and elegant transparent plastic bottle. The new one-litre PET bottle is practical, lightweight and handy in bringing out the quality of Yoga juices. Flavours: ACE Apple-Banana Apricot Blood Orange Green Apple Multivitamin Peach Pear Red Fruit Mix / IMAGE 4- 1000 ml PET bottle – 100% fruit 100% natural goodness for a new way of drinking naturally. A “slow fruit” philosophy, where the only flavour is fruit. The YOGA JUICES offer all the flavour of fruit, since they have a high fruit content, innovative quality, a range of products ideal for all targets (with the focus on families with children) and constant attention on a healthy and proper diet. FRUIT TO DRINK, 100% pulpy PEAR Natural sweet flavour, gratifying and satisfying when you feel a bit hungry. The first 100% pear juice. FRUIT TO DRINK, 100% intense PEACH Smooth and velvety, the natural flavour of summer peaches, brings back memories of childhood. 75% peach and 25% grape to improve the sweetness and lower the acidity. 100% APPLE JUICE not from concentrate The flavour of Italian apples, delicate, sweet and full-flavoured juice. Italian "Golden Delicious” pressed apples. FRUIT TO DRINK, 100% THICK WOODLAND MIX An intense purple colour and the flavour of red berries (raspberries, strawberries, blueberries), full-bodied with the typical astringency coupled with a pleasant sweetness. Added apple and red grape juice. (novità) 100% ITALIAN ORANGE from concentrate: All the energy and refreshing sweetness of sun-ripened Sicilian oranges. (novità) 100% FRUIT – PINAPPLE flovour Pineapple juice 50%, grape, apple, lime min. 1.5%, coconut water 5%. Pineapple, coconut and lime combine to create a tropical drink! The invented names create a story to be told, an important memory, an attractive and interesting world. The carefree tone is a further new element which attracts the consumer, but is also extremely clear in indicating the fruit, the nutritional value and the goodness it encompasses. / IMAGE 5- Tea in the can and brick pack format All the Yoga quality for Yoga Thè. Delicious and thirst-quenching iced tea in the energising lemon and peach flavours. The refreshing Yotea lemon and peach iced teas in the extremely practical 3x200 ml brick pack or the handy 330 ml can. Flavours: Lemon Peach / IMAGE 6- Special Recipes in the 125 ml bottle Yoga knows that health and a general feeling of well-being are now two of the most widespread aspirations among consumers, particularly in the adult target. Yoga is therefore dedicating a new and special mini range of 3 fruit juices in a 125 ml glass bottle to this consumer bracket, with plenty of premium quality fruit and vegetables, the practical resealable twist-off cap and innovative and attractive graphics of the 6x125 ml pack : WILD BLUEBERRY: Each bottle contains over 200 wild blueberries, in a richer and more exclusive recipe which offers all the goodness and properties of wild blueberries. / IMAGE 7- Special Recipes in the 125 ml bottle REFRESHING TOMATO: Each bottle contains around 2 totally Italian tomatoes, for a precious dose of lycopene. / IMAGE 8- Special Recipes in the 125 ml bottle 100% THICK WOODLAND MIX: Each bottle contains around 1 apple, 11 grapes, half a strawberry, 13 currants, two raspberries and two blueberries; a 100% red fruit mix which is pleasant and functional, offering a healthy concentration of goodness ready to drink and enjoy. / IMAGE 9- Yoga Tasky Designed for the younger target and to be consumed away from home, the new Yoga Tasky is immediately identifiable for its eye-catching look and format, easy to carry and put down anywhere. The flavours are trendy, refreshing and thirst-quenching, full of natural flavour and goodness, thanks to the vitamins they contain. ACE: Traditional flavour, one of the most popular with the young target. LEMONADE: A recipe designed to quench thirst during the hottest months, with an explosion of freshness! It has an intriguing "cooler" effect, with a mentholated note which leaves a long-lasting sensation of freshness on the palate. COCONUT WATER: A very trendy ingredient, due to its acknowledged nutritional properties, and a refreshing and thirst-quenching beverage which is perfect for rehydrating the body on very hot days. RED FRUIT MIX: A recipe aimed firmly at female consumers, thanks to the antioxidant properties of the ingredients (raspberry, elder, pomegranate), and the pleasant acidity, which is mitigated by the sweetness of blood orange and grape.