• Country Origin: Spain
IMAGE 1- SARDINES Ingredients: Among the different varieties of sardines, the one known as Pilchardus is the most appreciated worldwide due to its texture and flavour. This oily fish is a source of calcium, vitamin D and Omega-3 fatty acids. Long before 1895, when the first sardine was canned, this unique food, due to its nutritional values, has been the star of the Mediterranean diet. / IMAGE 2- SMALL SARDINES Ingredients: This variety of small sardine, belonging to the Pilchardus species, moves in giants shoals very close to the surface. Our small sardines CABO de PEÑAS keep all their properties, being one of the most valued and appreciated ones in the market. It is a fish rich in calcium, vitamins and a high Omega-3 content / IMAGE 3- COCKLES Ingredients: In the cooking world, the cockle is one of the most recognised molluscs. Its flesh retains all the flavour of the sea, making it a delicacy for any occasion. Inside its shell, it hides a nutritional treasure of iron, iodine, selenium, magnesium and calcium. CABO de PEÑAS selects the best cockle, which is subject to strict controls to ensure the highest quality and flavour / IMAGE 4- MUSSELS Ingredients: The mussel is one of the gastronomic treasures of Galicia. It is certainly the best to be consumed worldwide. Our mussel is a gem and thus it is packaged with the care it deserves. The canned mussel keeps all its nutritional properties, which are really numerous, as it is a unique source of vitamin B12, essential for the nervous system and a natural ally for our heart / IMAGE 5- CEPHALOPODS Ingredients: Squids, baby squids, octopuses and giant squids are culinary delights, which are the star of many dishes of the Spanish cuisine. They are such a versatile food that they may be canned in a wide range of preparations with total guarantee of preservation of their delicate flavour. As if that was not enough, cephalopods are synonymous with health. Among their innumerable benefits, they help keep muscles, heart, and skin young / IMAGE 6- SPECIALITIES Ingredients: Having a drink with friends sharing some clams with a touch of lemon juice; a delicius anchovies, horse mackerels or Cod in Biscayan style with the family; enjoying an intimate moment savouring some small scallops in Galician sauce… they are all flavours associated with our way of understanding life. CABO de PEÑAS is still preparing and packing its specialities with the same tradition and spirit our customers enjoy. / IMAGE 7- MACKEREL Ingredients: The mackerel and frigate mackerel, like tuna and bonito, are oily fish extremely beneficial for cardiovascular health, rich in omega-3 and with a low caloric content. They also are very rich in B vitamins, essential in cellular metabolism. The mackerel variety Scomber japonicus or South mackerel is especially delicious. It is selected and elaborated by CONNORSA, preserving all its nutritional benefits. IMAGE 8- TUNA Ingredients: One of the greatest treasures of the marine pantry is the tuna, which is popular worldwide, and an ingredient in many recipes. It is eaten fresh or in canned fresh and is present in all healthy diets. At CONSERVAS del NOROESTE, S.A we use the skipjack tuna, Bluefin with silver belly and a juicy meat, which we produce in different preparations using only natural ingredients / IMAGE 9- LIGHT TUNA AND WHITE TUNA Ingredients: Light tuna (Yellowfin) and White tuna stand out from the rest of tuna species. They are the stars of the most international cuisine, both due to their majestic appearance, their nutritional value and the flavour. of their meat. At CONSERVAS del NOROESTE, S.A, we put all care to select their meat and carefully prepare them in order to obtain the best excepcional quality and flavour