• Country Origin: India
IMAGE 1- Okra Okra is valued for its edible green vegetables, which are also called as lady's finger in common. These are green looking long vegetable, generally 18 cm long, containing many white seeds inside. They are rich in nutrients like Vitamin B6 & C, Fiber, Calcium and Folic Acid but low in calories. These nutrients are effective for the prevention of neural tube defects. Naturally fresh Non-GMO Okra are Cut, Graded and subsequently blanched at controlled temperature, then immediately cooled and is allowed to pass through the individual Quick Freezer at -40°C and then sieved, inspected, packed and are finally passed through the metal detector. Overall processing is done by maintaining strict hygienic and product safety conditions. / IMAGE 2- Green Peas Green peas is most commonly the small spherical green color seed that are contained in a pod. Each pod can enclose 4 to 10 peas. On an average each pea is said to weigh between 0.1 and 0.36 grams. They are rich in nutrients like Vitamin A, C & B9, Protein and Carbohydrates but low in fat. These nutrients help the nerve function better, promote good intestinal health and is said to keep the energy in a human body steady. / IMAGE 3- Pumpkin / IMAGE 4- Bitter Gourd (Karela) / IMAGE 5- Gherkins Gherkin is a fruit that belong to the cucumber species, but are different by their cultivar groups. They are green in colour and generally 4 - 8 cm long. These fruits have originated in West Indies and are generally used to make pickles. The Gherkins are washed, and preserved in drums with the help of acetic acid and brine solution. / IMAGE 6- Tindora