Organic Cocoa

  • Country Origin: Netherlands
IMAGE 1- Organic Cocoa Powder Crown of Holland offers a range of bespoke cocoa powders with varying colors and flavors. We provide an assortment of light – medium colored alkalized powders and natural powders with a 10-12% fat content. Plans for the coming months include launching alkalized and non-alkalized cocoa powders with 20-22% fat content. / IMAGE 2- Organic Cocoa Liquor Produced using whole-bean roasting technology, our cocoa liquor is a full-flavored product, available in liquid form, in solid 25 kg cartons, or outsourced from our partners in easy melting chunks. Originating from numerous origins, our cocoa liquors can also be made by toll processing, resulting in bespoke liquor that is tailored to each project. / IMAGE 3- Organic Cocoa Butter Crown of Holland offers high quality natural or deodorized cocoa butter, delivered in liquid form or solid 25KG cartons. Plan for future developments include easy-melt drops and chunks. / IMAGE 4- Cocoa Nibs We supply organic cocoa nibs produced in our own organic processing facility in The Netherlands and made from cocoa beans from our sourcing projects around the globe. Our organic cocoa nibs are great from baking, granola, trail mixes, smoothies, beverages, shakes and chocolate production. Due to our variety of organic cocoa origins, we can offer organic cocoa nibs with a one-of-a-kind flavor profile. On top of the organic certification, we have various social certifications for our cocoa products. / IMAGE 5- Organic Ingredients Tradin Organic offers a whole range of organic products to complement our cocoa such as organic sweeteners, vanilla, nuts, etc .