Compass " pasta "

  • Country Origin: Bulgaria
IMAGE 1- Appetite Pate Appetite Compass Pâté is a favorite flavor known to generations of Bulgarians. This pate is suitable for both breakfast and various entrees. / IMAGE 2- Pork pork Compass pork pork is appetizing with pork and pork liver. Pate is our suggestion for a strong start to the day. / IMAGE 3- Chicken liver pate Cleverly seasoned, Compass Chicken Pate is a light and delectable chicken liver mousse and fragile meat that will touch your senses. / IMAGE 4- Pie with goose liver Popular and delicate, Compass Goose Liver Pate is a nice combination of chicken and goose liver, pork and aroma of spices. / IMAGE 5- Children's Pate Tale Compass Fairy Tale is made from selected products - pork liver and meat and was created to become part of a diverse children's diet.