• Country Origin: Bulgaria
IMAGE 1- boiled meat Compass Ruse cooked is a product of history, which has found a lasting place on the Bulgarian table. Prepared from finely ground and seasoned pork, it is extremely popular and liked by consumers. / IMAGE 2- Pork in own sauce The unique taste of the pork chunks dipped in its own sauce and a bouquet of spices awakens the appetite. / IMAGE 3- Beef in own sauce The delicious combination of beef slices dipped in meat sauce is the idea of ​​a light, enjoyable meal. / IMAGE 4- Chicken in your own sauce Deliciously flavored with traditional Bulgarian spices, the chicken pieces dipped in their own sauce are an irresistible proposition for small and large. / IMAGE 5- Meze Hamburger Ingredients: mechanically separated chicken, water, fat, cornstarch, salt, preservative: sodium nitrite, spicy mixture 0.9% (stabilizer: triphosphates; lactose , flavor enhancer, monosodium glutamate, spices and forger extracts, flavors / contain lactose / antioxidant: sodium isoascorbate; vegetable oil / sunflower /) / IMAGE 6- Meze Kamchia Ingredients: mechanically separated chicken meat, water, bacon, corn starch, salt, preservative: sodium nitrite; spice mixture 0.9% (sugars, stabilizer: triphosphates; flavoring: monosodium glutamate; spices and seasoning extracts; flavoring agents / contains milk and milk products , including lactose ), antioxidant: ascorbic acid;