Compass " READY MEALS "

  • Country Origin: Bulgaria
IMAGE 1- Meatballs with beans For traditionalists, this is a delicious combination of two minced pork meatballs with beans and spices. / IMAGE 2- Meatballs with peas / IMAGE 3- Meatballs with white sauce / IMAGE 4- Chirpanski's meatballs Chirpan stew that combines the taste of pork meat, potatoes, carrots and onions garnished with spices. / IMAGE 5- Sausage with beans So you can get the healthy fiber and calcium with one serving of beans, and with the added pork sausage the dish becomes delicious and healthy. / IMAGE 6- Sausage with peas / IMAGE 7- Moussaka Product prepared according to the traditional recipe for Bulgarian minced pork mousse with potatoes, carrots, onions, tomatoes and spices.. / IMAGE 8- Pork with beans Pieces of pork with delicious beans and onions, mashed potatoes and spices is our suggestion for a warm lunch or dinner. / IMAGE 9- Beef with peas A fragrant and delectable meal of well-flavored and tenderly cooked beef and melting peas with onions and tomatoes added. / IMAGE 10- Tripe soup A favorite, nutritious and delicious soup made with beef and milk. / IMAGE 11- Chicken with peas The delicate taste of chicken and green peas, with tomatoes, onions and spices added to them, will bring you back to home comfort. / IMAGE 12- bean stew Useful and nutritious stew with authentic taste, whose aroma of traditional Bulgarian dishes will take you to the village to the boiling pot of beans.