• Country Origin: Bulgaria
IMAGE 1- Tone fillet in oil In order to offer an unmistakable taste, we chose to prepare our products only from selected raw materials. Compass Tone fillet in oil is a worthwhile fish to create your culinary masterpieces. / IMAGE 2- Tone the fillets into their own sauce Light, dietary, healthy, of constant quality, with excellent taste, suitable for preparing a very large range of dishes. These are just some of the characteristics of the Compass tuna fillet. Enjoy it! / IMAGE 3- Tons of bits in oil Pieces of tuna in oil are perfect for your sandwiches, salads and main courses. Enjoy your meal! / IMAGE 4- Tone bits in your own sauce Compass ton bits in your own sauce is a product for people leading an active lifestyle. Ideal for preparing a variety of dishes. / IMAGE 5- Mackerel fillet in oil Compass Mackerel fillet in oil is our alternative to fresh fish - with it you will prepare your easy and quick delicacies. / IMAGE 6- Mackerel fillet in tomato sauce We prepare our products with attention and a sense of detail. Compass Mackerel fillet in tomato sauce is our suggestion to you when you are eating fish, whether at home, in the office or in nature. / IMAGE 7- Mackerel fillet in a spicy tomato sauce Wake up your taste with Compass Mackerel Fillet in Spicy Tomato Cream Sauce, this is especially for you! / IMAGE 8- Mackerel fillet in tomato sauce with basil We present you an extremely delicious Mediterranean-style product - mackerel fillet with tomato cream sauce and a touch of freshness that basil imparts / IMAGE 9- Mackerel Fish salad We asked you and you told us what is important to you - natural food, without added preservatives and colorings. Welcome! Enjoy a classic fish salad to match your preferences. / IMAGE 10- Mackerel cutlets in tomato sauce Mackerel cutlets in tomato sauce is a traditional product for Bulgaria. We suggest you discover Compass - with a new recipe, with no preservatives or colorants added to enjoy the taste of the fish. / IMAGE 11- Mackerel cutlets in a spicy tomato sauce Our spicy offering of a beloved generation product. / IMAGE 12- Sardines in tomato sauce Ingredients: sardines 72% , tomato sauce 28% (water, tomato paste, sugar, vegetable sunflower oil, salt, modified potato starch, spices). / IMAGE 13- Sardines in oil Ingredients: 72% sardines , 19.6% vegetable sunflower oil, water, salt.