Cooked Meats

  • Country Origin: Italy
IMAGE 1- GRAN CHEF prosciutto Grand Chef high-quality prosciutto is made from pork thighs from selected farms, boned and de-fatted, salted, lightly seasoned and then slowly steamed for many hours. Its delicate flavour, fragrant aroma and high digestibility make it a high-quality product, suitable for consumers of all ages. / IMAGE 2- Grilled prosciutto After initial boning and de-fatting, each pork thigh is trussed by hand, roasted in an oven and lightly smoked using only certified beech wood. / IMAGE 3- Choice Prosciutto Prosciutto made with choice pork thigh meat that, after being boned and de-fatted, is mildly seasoned, and slowly steamed to preserve its softness and fragrance. / IMAGE 4- Prosciutto - sandwich size After being de-fatted, the pork thigh meat is placed in a sandwich size mould and steam cooked. Soft and tasty, this product is ideal for preparing all kinds of sandwiches. / IMAGE 5- Baked turkey breast The delicacy of our turkey breast, exclusively from Italian farms, baked into a distinctive cylindrical shape. A small roast suitable for all palates: lean, nourishing and healthful / IMAGE 6- Turkey breast - bowler hat shape The delicious Da Pian turkey breast is now available in a special “bowler hat” shape / IMAGE 7- Pastrami-style turkey breast Coming exclusively from Italian farms, this turkey breast is prepared by Da Pian following the traditional Romanian pastrami recipe.