• Country Origin: Italy
IMAGE 1- English-style roast beef made with beef silverside Abiding by the best tradition, this beef silverside is roasted to very rare, following the original recipe, then seasoned and without adding any preservatives. Sliced and ready to eat for a healthful and fat-free diet. / IMAGE 2- Smoked Stewed Beef Pastrami Made of beef silverside processed with herbs and spices, baked slowly and smoked. Da Pian prepares this beef following the traditional Romanian pastrami recipe. / IMAGE 3- Shank Pork shank seasoned with salt and spices. It is slowly baked for about 10 hours and is ready to be eaten after being heated in an oven (microwave or traditional) or in a pot. / IMAGE 4- Smoked Stewed Beef Beef silverside processed with herbs and spices, slowly baked and smoked, to make a lean, tasty and savoury product that turns a lunch into a real treat for the palate. / IMAGE 5- Salted and cooked pork tongue Salted pork tongue steamed in a mould, simply seasoned with spices. A speciality for true connoisseurs.