• Country Origin: Italy
IMAGE 1- Double stewed bacon Made from choice fresh, lean pork bacon from pigs reared in Italy. After the initial processing, carried out entirely by hand, where it is boned and seasoned with salt and spices, the two overlapping layers are slowly steam-cooked and lightly smoked with only beech wood chips. Its particular shape is characterized by the light pink of the meat, the white of the fatty part and the unmistakable mellow flavour typical of this Venetian recipe. / IMAGE 2- Stewed bacon Fresh lean bacon of Italian pigs, after being boned, is processed by salting and seasoning it. It is then cooked very slowly in a steam oven and smoked with beech chips to give the product an unmistakable sweet taste, the typical pink colour of the meat and a golden surface. Ideal as a cured meat and in the most refined recipes. / IMAGE 3- Delicatesse smoked bacon After the classic hand processing of salting and seasoning with a mix of spices, this cut of bacon chosen from lean and boned pork, is cooked very slowly and smoked with beech chips. This bacon is characterized by a delicate smoke aroma and a soft and a distinct mellow flavour, ideal eaten as is and in countless kitchen recipes. / IMAGE 4- Rolled Raw Bacon Da Pian’s raw bacon is the fruit of a careful selection of pork meat, which is salted, massaged and trussed. The ageing takes at least 12 weeks. Its flavour is slightly spicy, delicate and balanced.