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  • Country Origin: United Kingdom
IMAGE 1- CURED MUSCLES Albion – Coppa from the shoulder. – Albion, the son of a Sea God, was once said to rule the Celtic world. Guillinbursti – Lomo from the Loin. – Guillinbursti was a boar from Norse mythology, the literal translation was golden bristles. Cerrunos – Dry-Cured Ham. Cerrunos was the Celtic God of animals, fertility, life and wealth. Artio Pancetta – A salt-cured bacon. Artio was a Celtic Goddess of Wildlife. For our full product range please email us here / IMAGE 2- NDUJA SOBRASADA STYLE SALAMI Nuada- A British style spreadable salami. – Nuada was a mythical King of the Ancient Britons. Folde – A British style spreadable salami. – Folde was the Anglo-SAxon Goddess of Earth. For our full product range please email us here / IMAGE 3- SALAMI Moccus – Simply seasoned Milano style salami – Moccus was a Celtic Swine God, invoked as the protector of boar hunters and warriors. Iceni – Mildly spiced and seasoned Felino style salami – The Iceni were the Iron Age tribe of East Anglia. Essus – A Cacciatore style British Hunter’s salami – Essus was a Harvest and Woodcutter God of the Ancient Britons. Su – A dry- cured salami sausage.- Su is the ancient Anglo-Saxon word for pig. Elidure – A chorizo. – Elidure was a legendary King of Ancient Briton.