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  • Country Origin: United Kingdom
IMAGE 1- ARTISAN BACON The Bacon is available in both Back and Streaky either whole, sliced or retail packed. Dry Cure Smoked Beer & Treacle Wiltshire Cure Green or Smoked / IMAGE 2- ARTISAN GAMMON Gammon is available both smoked and unsmoked bone in or boneless. Our range includes; Ready to Cook Gammon Horseshoe Gammon Gammon Joints Smoked Gammon Knuckles Gammon Steaks / IMAGE 3- ARTISAN HAM Our Butley Creek Artisan Ham is named after the unique environment where the pigs are born, on the East Suffolk coastline alongside Butley estuary. The range is available in whole or half, smoked or unsmoked, retail packed, and sliced. We produce speciality Festive Hams and also Marmalade Hams.