• Country Origin: Belgium
IMAGE 1- Honey chocolate spread 400 g Reference50140 ProductHoney chocolate spread 400 gr UnityPiece Weight0,64 kg Length10 Breadth9 Height9 / IMAGE 2- Hazelnut chocolate spread 350 gr Reference50141 ProductHazelnut chocolate spread 350 gr UnityPiece Weight0,65 kg Length10 Breadth9 Height9 / IMAGE 3- Organic cocoa sticks with honey Reference50143 ProductOrganic cocoa sticks with honey Commercial informationGift box 4 x 30 gr. The chocolate sticks contain goodies from nature. The sticks are made with honey. The cocoa sticks are used to make hot chocolate based on 100% natural products with no added sugar. (Can also be used with soy, rice or almond milk). Heat 25 cl milk, stir the chocolate stick through the milk until the chocolate is completely dissolved. Enjoy! Weight0,22 kg