• Country Origin: Italy
IMAGE 1- FRUIT PASSION Fruit Passion is a delicious low-alcohol liqueur made from passion fruit, or maracuya as it is often called , and with its marked exotic perfume it is the ideal base for mixing original long drins or coctails with a distincitive and unique aroma. / IMAGE 2- MAMBO Cocco Mambo is made from the Caribbean custom of mixing rum with coconut. With its fresh taste, it is very popular with the young who want strong exotic and tropical flavours / IMAGE 3- MOUD APRICOT BRANDY A spirit made by mixing Italian brandy, apricot juice and apricot aroma. An excellent aromatic base for numerous cocktails. / IMAGE 4- MOUD BLUE CURAÇAO Also called “Curaçao triple sec”. A sweet liqueur made from a bitter orange plant that is grown on the island of the same name in the Small Dutch Antilles. / IMAGE 5- MOUD BRAND’ ORANGE A spirit made from an infusion of ripe orange peel with Italian brandy / IMAGE 6- MOUD CRÈME DE CACAO A very sweet, dense and perfumed liqueur with a strong cocoa flavour / IMAGE 7- MOUD GREEN APPLE A light green liqueur with a strong, fruity perfume, with a sweet slightly sharp flavour. To be served very cold or as a base with ice cream to make an excellent sorbet / IMAGE 8- MOUD OLD COFFEE Excellent coffee liqueur made from an original Caribbean recipe; to be drunk smooth or used to prepare various international cocktails / IMAGE 9- MOUD PEACH FLÒ A sweet peach liqueur with a very pleasant perfume, it is the ideal partner for numerous different cocktails / IMAGE 10- MOUD POWER MELON A very sweet liqueur, with the strong typical flavour of Caribbean green melons. The best barmen cannot be without it / IMAGE 11- MOUD WHITE MINT CREAM A sweet transparent liqueur with the typical perfume of piedmont mint. / IMAGE 12- TRIPLE SEC BLUE BOTTLE A low-alcohol, colourless, orange aromatised, perfect to prepare many lighter cocktails / IMAGE 13- TRIPLE SEC ORANGE BOTTLE A colourless, orange aromatised spirit