Cooked sausage products

  • Country Origin: Netherlands
IMAGE 1- Cooked sausage Though cooked sausage (kookworst) has many varieties, it is perhaps the most well-known Dutch sausage. Cutted into slices, together with little cubes of cheese, it is one of the most often served traditional Dutch party and birthday snacks. / IMAGE 2- Parise baloney Together with Ardenne baloney, this is considered to be the most well-known sandwich filling sausage. The spice blend used is very important for this kind of sausage. The used herbs and spices therefore distinguish the flavor. The sausage has a very soft texture , and as a result is loved by small children. / IMAGE 3- Ardenne baloney Ardenne baloney is considered to be a relative of the Pariser, with an alternate preparation process and a stronger spice blend ensuring a more intense flavor than the Pariser. This type of sausage has an exceedingly soft texture. / IMAGE 4- Palingworst Palingworst can be considered a variety of the cooked sausage, the difference being the succulent and coarse mouthfeel which the consumer experiences when eating this product. In addition, the presence of a smoky flavor is an important characteristic of palingworst.