Smoked sausage products

  • Country Origin: Netherlands
IMAGE 1- Chilled smoked sausage (rookworst) This smoked sausage is a traditional Dutch product and is made according to a long-established butcher's recipe, whereby the ground meat is combined with spices, salt and is stuffed into a casing. The casing of this kind of smoked sausage is in general hard and crispy in flavor, which is highly valued by connoisseurs. / IMAGE 2- Unrefrigerated smoked sausage (rookworst) This smoked sausage is a variant of the chilled smoked sausage and is characterized by its soft texture without a clearly noticeable casing. Some consumers consider this to be more pleasant to eat. Small children also have less trouble chewing such a smoked sausage. This product has a longer shelf life, even when it is unrefrigerated, which makes it suitable for making in large batches at the beginning of the season with less chance of the product spoiling. For retailers, this offers more flexibility in terms of organizing their stock in dependence on weather forecast-dependent sales fluctuations. / IMAGE 3- Hotdog A hot dog is a sausage which resembles a small smoked sausage, has a diameter of 20 millimeters and is often associated with bread rolls, sauce and onions. It is a lunchtime product, and people often eat it on the go after buying it from a street vendor. / IMAGE 4- Knockwurst A knockwurst looks a bit like a hot dog. A traditional knockwurst differs with it's crunchier bite. In the Netherlands, this product is popular at lunch or as a snack.