Grilled products

  • Country Origin: Netherlands
IMAGE 1- Meatloaf Meatloaf is a product which gets its characteristic flavor from the blend of spices, which also distinguishes meatloaf from other product types. It is finely ground and chopped meat, which comes from a variety of meat parts. By grilling meatloaf, it gains a typical 'grilled' taste, and ensures that the product has a longer shelf life. Meatloaf is a popular meal component. Breadcrumbs are also often added to meatloaf in order to shape it into meatballs, or in order to make it sliceable in order to eat it in slices on bread. The addition of breadcrumbs also gives meatloaf a nice texture. / IMAGE 2- Grilled sausage The blend of herbs and spices which covers the coating/crust of the sausage is decisive for its flavor. During the grilling of the sausage, the spices cook into the sausage and intensively spread through the entire sausage mixture. Partly due to being grilled, the sausage gets its characteristic, hearty flavor. Although it is a popular sandwich filling, this savory product is also often eaten as a party snack. / IMAGE 3- Pork roulade Pork roulade is considered a more luxury product because its preparation takes a lot of care, and it is made from whole cuts of meat. It has a succulent, meaty taste, and therefore needs no more than a neutral spice blend, consisting of, for example, cloves. The addition of salt gives the product its pink-gray color. Pork roulade is a very popular dish during the Christmas holidays or for Sunday roasts. Pork roulade has undergone a similar preparation to fricandeau, and is therefore considered to be a related product. However, the meat used for pork is somewhat leaner. / IMAGE 4- Fricandeau Fricandeau or pork silverside, does not contain many additives. It is therefore more natural and has a neutral flavor. Fricandeau has a lot in common with pork roulade, which has undergone a similar grilling process. Fricandeau is in general a little more tender, coarser and has a more neutral taste when compared to pork roulade. Fricandeau is also a little coarser than pork roulade because it is cooked at slightly lower temperatures. This gives fricandeau a slightly more pink color. Fricandeau is a real luxury product, and for this reason is sometimes considered to be the 'roast beef of pigs', with which it has much in common in terms of coarseness and preparation. / IMAGE 5- Roast beef Roast beef is a very popular product in the Netherlands Due to its uncooked/raw form, the product requires similar treatment and has a lot in common in terms of preparation with fricandeau. The grilling process gives the roast beef a crispy crust and a red/pink interior. This is part of the reason the meat maintains its succulent mouthfeel. The pure meaty taste of the product is most prominent if it is fresh on the day, for which it must be consumed directly after being cut.