• Country Origin: Netherlands
IMAGE 1- Filet americain Filet americain is a variety of steak tartare made from raw, finely-ground beef, which is mixed with sauce and is thus used as a spread. The sauce is an important ingredient in terms of the filet americain flavor, and may vary between recipes. It is popular as a sandwich spread, or as a party snack on toast. This product is often eaten in this way in particular in the Benelux. / IMAGE 2- Chicken filet Chicken filet is available both as a type of meat and as a meat product. Our focus is on chicken filet as a type of meat. Chicken filet is a meat product that is consumed in large amounts worldwide. It is an easy to digest product with low fat and high protein contents. It is for these reasons (in addition to the fact that it tastes great) that it has gained an enormous amount of popularity in the past few decades. The chicken filet meat product variety gets its distinctive flavor from its grilling and pickling with bouillon. As a meat product, chicken filet is quite neutral in taste, which makes it an ideal component for salads, meals and sandwiches. / IMAGE 3- Liver sausage Liver sausage is a traditional product which has many regional varieties throughout Europe, and the Netherlands are no exception. The product has a creamy, soft texture. Liver sausage is available both spreadable and creamy as well as hard and sliceable. Its uses are quite diverse: spread on bread, as party food or as a snack on a piece of toast. / IMAGE 4- Ossenworst Ossenworst (ox sausage), is a raw beef product which is succulent, strong-flavored and salty in taste on account of its heavy spice blend. Due to its raw nature, ossenworst is actually tastiest when consumed fresh on the day. / IMAGE 5- Kassler rib Kassler rib as a meat variety is a product which is salted and seasoned. It is a product that is often eaten as a sandwich filling, but is also popular in traditional Dutch stamppot. In terms of flavor, it has similarities with cooked ham. The product may have a smoky taste, as a result of the preparation process which it has undergone. / IMAGE 6- Berliner The berliner sausage is recognizable due to its white rind, which can be seen especially when it is cut and laid out in slices. It has a relatively firm structure, is well sliceable and varies from the liverwurst by having a larger slice caliber. This is because the berliner is usually eaten on bread. The berliner is also available spreadable. / IMAGE 7- Blood tongue sausage Blood tongue is a very authentic meat product. It is very natural due to its pure, meaty taste. This product is especially popular in the north of the Netherlands. It is a product that has undergone complex and careful processing. Blood tongue is characterized by its unique cross section, which has a beautiful, mosaic-like pattern. The ingredients used in this product are eaten individually in various parts of the world as delicacies.