Instant Food Mandoo Korean Dumpling Original

  • Country Origin: Korea
SPECIFICATION 420g x 20 BOX DIMENSION 400X260X290 CBM 0.0302 LOADABLE QUANTITY(C/T) : 20' 800 40' 2,150 SHELF LIFE : 18 MONTHS Product Description Original Cooking Description Pan Fried Pre-Heat and oil your Pan. Place our frozen Dumplings and Cook for 5~6min with medium heat. Oven Set your Oven in Combination Mode (Top & Bottom Level) at 180C(356F) at steam level about 20%. Apply some oil on our Dumplings and place on the Oven Pan. Cook for 4~5 Minutes and Serve. Steamed Place Dumplings NOT TOO CLOSE each other, steam for about 7~8 minutes Fried Prepare a deep fry pan. Pour oil just about to cover Dumpling size and pre-heat to about 170˚C~180˚C(338F~ 356F) Place our Dumplings and Fry for 2~3min until it gets crispy light Brown.(700W Standard) Microwave Place our Dumplings with wet cloth covered. Microwave for about 4~5 Minutes. Ready to serve