Gran Reserva Ham Limited Edition, Vintage Year 2012

  • Country Origin: Spain
The VINTAGE YEAR 2012 LIMITED EDITION is a selection of fifty-five hams from among the most extraordinary FISAN Gran Reserva Acorn-Fed Ibérico Hams, which have all been cured during a period of sixty months in natural cellars with scarce light, scarce noise, much care and tremendous amounts of patience. When this Ham is consumed at a temperature of about 22ºC, more than four years after being selected, one can easily say that perfection has been achieved. We remind you that to enjoy this ham it should always be hand-carved and within a brief period of time, five or six days at the most, this being due to the fast oxidation it undergoes once it has been opened. ORGANOLEPTIC CHARACTERISTICS Colour: lean pink-red purple with rosy hued white fat marbling. Flavour: mild and aromatic. Aroma: characteristic cured. Appearance: uniform and juicy. APPROXIMATE WEIGHT PER PIECE Between 7 and 9,5 Kg.