DRY BLACK TRUFFLE 99% Tuber aestivum Vittadini

  • Country Origin: Italy
Ingredients: 99% dehydrated black truffle Tuber Aestivum Vittadini, aroma Weight: 10g equal to 40g of fresh truffles 30g to 120g of fresh truffles Directions for use: Once rehydrated with cooking water is an ideal substitute for the fresh product, both from a point of view of taste and organoleptic, lends itself to the preparation of all the most famous truffle based recipes It is recommended in particular for the preparation of dry pasta and egg pasta, risotto, cheese fondue, eggs, mashed potatoes, creamed vegetables. To best enjoy the product and fully enjoy the aroma of truffle is best to add the truffle slices dehydrated at the end of preparation. After a few minutes the truffle will come naturally rehydrated by heat of the dish releasing all its fragrance