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If you are in the food, beverage, and agriculture field of industry, then will be your gateway to success!
Take the opportunity of being a member (visitor) or (exhibitor) and benefit from all services and features we grant to our unique members

What is the Membership Management service? welcomes its distinguished and exceptional clients who registered as exhibitors, by granting them special features they can benefit from to show them the very promising future they will hold by being members on the platform.

Why grants its members who want to use the VISITOR account, a FREE registration, with NO EXTRA CHARGES or COMMISSIONS.

What are the types of registration on

You will always be satisfied! takes good care of its clients and makes sure they achieve their biggest goals through the platform. Our team created types of registrations on the platform to fit our clients’ demands in all aspects as the following:

Register as a visitor

this feature gives the buyer or importer (visitor) the opportunity to view all our exhibitors' information details (contact information, product details, location, etc.,) whether companies, wholesalers, or merchants. This feature is also granted FOR FREE to encourage them to have a higher perspective on the worldwide B2B food & beverage trading.
The most important advantage for this type of registration that Visitors can send a buying request (RFQ) to any exhibitor on the platform which helps them:

Finding hundreds of suppliers from all around the globe.

RFQ will automatically be sent the order to the suitable suppliers.

Send multiple buying requests in ONE CLICK!

Entirely free, with no charging fees or commissions.

WFoodExpo will provide you with contact details to contact the company privately without any mediation from our platform.

Upgrade to exhibitor

This feature gives the supplier or exporter (exhibitor) the opportunity to showcase their special products and company’s information details. They will be able to reach higher range of buyers (visitors) and wider B2B trading. Thanks to this feature, our distinguished exhibitors will be notified on their email addresses when a visitor views their company information or when they send a buying request (RFQ).
This service carries many advantages to the exhibitor such as:

Millions of potential buyers and importers (visitors).

Upload as many food, beverage, agricultural products, or agricultural machinery.

Connecting with worldwide traders.

Growing customer numbers and boosting the company sales.

The (exhibitor) can change his registration into being a (visitor) with just ONE CLICK.