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With our RFQ service you will have the ability to get a wider range of products quotations and make deals with hundreds of suppliers across the globe with no commissions or fees and without any mediation.

WFoodExpo.com leads your way to a better trading!

What is the RFQ service?

The RFQ is a buying request that a merchant or a company can send to suppliers and exporters (exhibitors) in order to get quotations on a certain product or multiple products of (food, beverage, agriculture products and machinery).
This service facilitates the process of finding a customized product and getting a proper quotation.

RFQ Service

WFoodExpo.com created this service to help its Traders in many ways

Finding hundreds of suppliers from all around the globe

RFQ will automatically sent the order to the suitable suppliers

Send multiple buying requests in ONE CLICK!

Entirely free, with no charging fees or commissions

Can we send a certain request quotation to a number of related suppliers?

WFoodExpo.com always works on its client's convenience and satisfaction so it designed the RFQ service to fit all merchants needs whether they want to send, A One Request Multiple Quotes to a number of related suppliers (just in one click!).

Can we send a quotation request for a certain company or supplier?

You can send a quotation request for a certain company or supplier by entering the company’s information details and send RFQ without any mediation from our platform.

Why WFoodExpo.com?

We as a team at WFoodExpo.com tried to create an easy to use service to help our clients get a better perspective on every product related to the field of food, beverage products as well as food and agricultural machinery, hoping this service can encourage traders expand their food trading business to get a wider range globally.

How does RFQ work?

  1. Register on WFoodExpo.com.
  2. From Homepage, Go to one request, multiple quotes to fill the RFQ form or choose a specific product and send a private RFQ.
  3. OR, Choose a certain product and click on send RFQ to fill the form then send it to all suppliers that matched the same requirement that you need.
  4. You will receive a number of quotes sent to your PRIVATE inbox on your account's dashboard then you can choose what suits you better.

Is this service available for all companies and merchants for free?


It is available for free to all companies and merchants who Registered on WFoodExpo.com. After completing your registration you would be able to view all exhibitors’ private information and make deals with no extra fees or commissions.
Because WFoodExpo.com cares about its agents’ business, we preserve our exhibitors’ information private to maintain the privacy and credibility of our platform.