Unpaid Containers

Take The Worry Off Your Shoulders!
By Joining WFoodExpo.com

Have you ever faced the problem of having a whole container stuck in some port? Oh, what a stressful dilemma!
But guess what! WFoodExpo.com has found an incredible, easy, and simple solution for you with the UNPAID (STUCK) CONTAINERS service.

What is the Unpaid Containers service?

WFoodExpo.com has invented this service for its clients (exhibitors) to help them dispose of their unpaid containers that are stuck in the ports by selling the goods whether they were food, beverage, or agriculture products, or even if they were agricultural machinery.

Port Containers

What happens if the containers got stuck in ports?

It’s one of the biggest challenges facing exporters and importers!
Having a container stuck in a port will cause various material losses (food, beverage, agricultural products and machinery) including all of the following

The value of goods, whether seasonal or non-seasonal

Transportation and freight costs

The high costs of storage operations, whether in ports or warehouses

In addition to wasting a lot of time and effort if the goods are returned

In what way exactly can WFoodExpo.com help with this problem?

It will be your guiding light!

By joining WFoodExpo.com and taking advantage of the Unpaid (Stuck) Container service, you can overcome all the losses and save a lot of time as this service allows you to:

Have the possibility of displaying these pending and ready-to-sale goods directly within the platform. Establishing quotations for the goods in order to attract a lot of new buyers or importers (visitors). 24-hour customer service to answer all questions or inquiries, and to help solve any problems, if any, and follow up on all details that contribute to the fast completion of deals. Informing all interested prospective buyers or importers (visitors) around the world about these goods, to help container owners dispose of their goods without the need to return them. The ability to communicate and negotiate to make deals easily without incurring the cost of travel and accommodation. The commitment of strict secrecy in negotiations and in the completion of deals. This service saves a lot of money that buyers or importers (visitors) and suppliers or exporters (exhibitors) would have spent to cover the costs of returning these stranded goods, as well as the time and effort.

How can I add the information about my stuck container?

Well, the best part is yet to come!

  1. Enter the product name or multiple products names.
  2. Add your email address and company name.
  3. Fill the personal information box (first name, last name).
  4. Let us know where your unpaid container is by selecting (country, city, address).
  5. Write down your unpaid container details and send request.